NEW | Stanisława Wiatr-Partyka’s poem ‘Over Volhyn’ – ‘Volhynia 1943. Never Forget’ educational project

‘Over Volhyn’ a poem by Stanisława Wiatr-Partyka, interpreted by Samantha Bogusz, a resident of Melbourne.

On the 80th anniversary of the Volhynia Massacre, the National Education Office of the Polish Institute of National Remembrance joined forces with the team of the ‘Nie Teraz’ Theatre to develop the ‘Volhynia 1943. Never Forget’ educational project, bringing together school and university students, as well as Polish teachers from different parts of the world. The project envisages submitting a recording of a reading of a poem referring to the Volhynia Massacre.

 11 July marks the National Day of Remembrance to honour the Polish victims murdered in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia by Ukrainian nationalists, commemorating the so-called Bloody Sunday of 11 July 1943.

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